About me


Let me introduce myself: I’m Sarah. I completed a PhD in electrical engineering a couple years ago. With all there is to loathe about the indentured servitude that is grad school, I couldn’t wait to free myself from academia. But after working in industry for a while, I have gradually come to realize that there are some aspects of the academic world that I do miss, the most significant of which being the abundance of intellectual stimulation. So, I have decided to put forth a concerted effort to seek out for myself intellectually stimulating material, and to journal my findings here.

Though an engineer by training, I really have the heart of a scientist. I’m much more interested in learning than I am in building. I am also a great appreciator of art. I enjoy art that challenges my point of view, or that makes me see exciting new facets of seemingly mundane things. I believe that art complements science in teaching us about the world. And I believe that by continually learning I better myself.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something here to satisfy your cravings!

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